Flowers have always been one of the most beautiful gift ideas for almost any occasion. If you have the opportunity to give preserved flowers, it makes it even more special. Preserved plants receive a special protective treatment that keeps them fresh and supple on the one hand, and their natural appearance on the other. At Si-nature, we offer you the opportunity to arrange the flowers as you wish in an elegant flower box.

Flowerbox, Infinity Rosebox DIY with Si-nature

Si-nature was founded in 2020 by Elodie and Olivier Kanitzky. Since then we have been offering a range of natural and organic products exclusively for indoor use throughout Germany and Europe. Whether your order is from Germany or abroad, we offer attractive prices with quantity discounts in our online shop.

The Gloria and Andrea flower boxes as well as the Victoria arrangement are among our fully finished products, which you can use as a gift idea, for example. Our Gloria creation has a shelf life of up to 3 years and consists of hand-picked roses and eucalyptus, stabilised in a baby blue colour. Our Andrea arrangement is made up of dried and stabilised flowers, including Hydrangea, Lagurus, Achillea filipendulina and Tatarica. The Victoria arrangement contains stabilised roses and Eucalyptus nicholii. This special arrangement is accompanied by a small, luxurious vase in pink-golden metal. Most of our flower boxes are made in our studio in Düsseldorf.

We also have luxury handmade boxes in various sizes. So you can match your flower arrangement perfectly to the box of your choice. Each box is wrapped in a dirt-resistant plastic film. So choose an arrangement just the way you like it and give it to your loved ones today.

Flowerbox, Infinity Rosebox DIY with Si-nature