Preserved Reindeer moss , Islandmoss & lichens

Wholesale of preserved Reindeer moss, lichen, flat moss and ball moss at Si-nature!

Our preserved reindeer mosses, and lichens are 100% natural products. By immersing the green land plants, they are brought into a stabilised form and thus remain fresh for many years.

Among interior decorators and designers, preserved reindeer moss and lichens are particularly popular as a basis for designing plant walls, as they find favour in a wide variety of spaces: in open-space offices, trendy fitness rooms, chic restaurants and hotels, for stand decoration at trade fairs or even as a theatre backdrop. Florists, on the other hand, like to use the stabilised Iceland moss and other preserved mosses in the studio, as they are ideal for putting together flower arrangements. At Si-nature, we offer you a selected collection of preserved moss and reindeer moss in different colours and packaging ideas and for every purpose in our wholesale online shop.

Our preserved moss is very easy to care for, as it does not need water to fully develop its vibrancy. Mosses are true all-rounders, because they convince both with their technical properties and their natural appearance. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for the design of moss walls and other surface-covering structures. Due to their special surface texture, green moss walls have a very positive effect on room acoustics, as they not only improve the sound image, but also dampen escaping sound.

For the design of green moss walls, we particularly recommend our 5 kg boxes with preserved lichen, which we offer in spring green, grass green and moss green. However, variations made of ball moss and our 2.5 kg boxes with green, stabilised flat moss are also perfect for larger projects.

The 2.5 kg boxes and 500 g boxes withpreserved reindeer moss and preserved rag moss, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for DIY workshops and making moss pictures. You can add an exciting jungle effect to your creations by adding preserved foliage and ferns!

Si-nature's preserved Icelandic moss from Scandinavia is very user-friendly as it is not only non-toxic but also hypoallergenic, making it particularly suitable for people with allergies. As the moss is tested according to the globally recognised environmental standard ISO 14000, it is also certified as extremely environmentally friendly. In addition, Iceland moss is certified according to ISO 11952-2, and in this context it meets the fire safety standards set by SINTEF (Scandinavia's largest independent research institute) with above-average results.

We offer high quality products at low prices because we are in direct contact with the manufacturers. Therefore, there are no additional costs for you when you buy. It is also important to us that you receive your goods quickly, which is why your order will arrive at your home within 3 to 5 working days. As we would also like to support you with larger projects, we offer attractive quantity discounts, for example for orders of more than 40 boxes of Iceland moss. So don't hesitate to let us know your requirements, as we will be happy to supply you with any of your preferred colours in your chosen packaging. So visit our online wholesale shop today!