Order items preserved roses Kiara 5 cm - Bulk 6 Layers x 77 roses - Misc. Colours

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Delivery times: 2-6 weeks according to agreement and volume

Colour: on demand*

MOQ: 1 Master Box mit 6 Layers (77 Rosen per Layer)
Possible up to 6 colors per master box (1 color per layer)

Packaging: Bulk with 462 roses (6 layers x 77 roses)

Diameter of a rose head: 5 - 5.6 cm

Height of a rose head: 4.3 - 4.5 cm

Manufacturer designation: Bulk Kiara super rose

All colors of the Kiara brand in Bulk Super Rose 5cm à 462 pieces (6 layers x 77 roses) and Bulk Splendid Rose 6cm 432 pieces (6 layers x 72 roses) available on request.

*Surcharge for metallic, satin, bicolours