Lichen preserved - 2,5 kg - Burgundy

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Colour: burgundy

We can supply all colours in 2.5 kg and 5 kg packaging sizes. 
We offer discounts for bulk purchases from 44 boxes. Talk to us!

Packaging: 2,5 kg

Origin: Northern Europe

Stabilization technique: immersion conservation

Reference: 4-BO-LCH25

Ideal for moss pictures, moss panels, plant walls. The moss retains its shape, color and texture for many years.

About 7-8 kg of reindeer moss are required for 1m2 (not contractual).

We recommend using a hot glue gun or PVC floor glue, solvent-free.

We try to represent the products as well as possible. In the case of natural products, the color, size and shape may differ slightly from the illustration.
Our natural moss still has natural traces such as leaves and needles.