Preserved broom bloom - 1 bunch - Ivory

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Colour: ivory

Packaging: bunch approx. 100 g

Height: approx. 50 cm

Reference: 2-EL-BR

A cloud like appearance of flora is formed by fluffy blooms. Broom Bloom is simple to deal with, available in many different shades, and brings a much needed airy feature to any lightweight designs, wreaths, and more.

Product Description:

Create a beautiful bouquet with our stabilised broom bloom white Ivory. Each stem has many sides with so many sprays of small blooms that make it the ideal filler for any arrangement. Mix with fresh flowers to add subtle color to a bouquet or to produce a rustic feel with dried flowers. With flowers clustered at the end of the branches, broom bloom provides a nice choice of filler that can be dyed to suit your needs.

Many individuals mistake broom bloom for the breath of the baby and they are somewhat close, but broom bloom flowers appear to focus at the ends of the stems and not at all like the breath of the baby all around. They are all really beautiful and look fantastic, so feel free to purchase them as your requirements specify. At Si-nature they are available to fit the home decor scheme in several shades. 

Directions on care: 

It is advisable not to get them soaked and to keep them out of direct sunshine to maintain your dried flowers looking healthy, which would end up losing their richness. Delicately treat the flowers as they can be fragile. Your dried flowers can last for months or even years if well looked for. Today, try a Broom Bloom. You'll enjoy the result.