Preserved roses

Preserved flowers and foliage are essentially natural flowers and green plants that are treated with revolutionary technology to keep them looking fresh for years. Therefore, because of their preserved fresh and delicate beauty, it is not always easy to distinguish them from fresh flowers and cut flowers. They are a perfect alternative to fresh and artificial flowers because they do not require any maintenance or water. This is why prserved flowers are so popular with architects and interior designers.

Preserved Infinity roses wholesale directly from the growers - Si-nature

At Si-nature one of the most popular wholesaler for dried and preserved flowers, based in Germany, we offer eternal preserved roses and other preserved flowers of the highest quality for different uses or occasions. Our preserved infinity roses, offered here at wholesale prices, are among the best of their kind on the market. Indeed, the range of our preserved roses comes from farms in the producing countries selected for their quality and know-how. In fact, each product is subjected to strict quality control before being put into the hands of our customers and retailers. Only preserved flowers and foliage that meet our high brand standards are delivered.

Preserved roses are the ideal gift for any occasion or to arrange rose boxes. All our products are processed using the double-dip stabilisation method and are perfect as interior decoration, for flower arrangements, as a rose box or in a bouquet with preserved eucalyptus. Looking for a gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day? Preserved roses are the perfect way to express your love. We offer different sizes and a wide range of colours. Among the most exclusive items you can choose from in our online shop are 6 red preserved roses of 6.5 cm, 6 light pink preserved rose heads of 6.5 cm and 6 white preserved roses of 6.5 cm. We also offer preserved roses on stem in various sizes and colours. Discover our Kiara roses online.

Sustainability is important to us. That's why we work with environmentally friendly practices, advanced technology and the strictest quality control procedures that make Si-nature one of the best quality suppliers on the German market today, with a pan-European reach. We offer preserved Infinity roses wholesale directly from the growers at the best price rate.